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Yogo Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase and wish to place a refund, please complete as many details as possible from our online form. This form must be filled to assess your return and can also be found in your account settings page.

No Stock

If you have purchased an item and not received it owing to no-stock, we issue a 30 day-grace period during which any stock that does arrive, you will be notified of and delivery will commence. If after 30 days the item of clothing or product cannot be sourced, you will receive a refund and are entitled to cancel the order.

Delivery of the Incorrect Products

If you have purchased a product that is the wrong size, style or color, you may be entitled to a full refund. Our refunds are issued for items that are in its original condition with tags. Do not remove the unused products from its protective packaging.  


If you wish to return a product, you have 30 days from the purchase date to receive a refund or a complete exchange of the same style. All clothing that is considered for a full refund must be in its original packaging.

Within a 14 day period of receiving your request for a return we provide the following options:

You can receive store credit with Yogosale

Your cash will be refunded to an authorized and qualifying account

You can exchange the purchased item as you see fit.

It is important that we receive your parcel within the specified time frame. Any attempts by the buyers to remove product packages, any signs of damage to the item of clothing and general wear may not contribute to a successful exchange. We make it possible to receive your refund as soon as we have attained your parcelin good working order.

Returns are not accepted when:

Your returned clothing item reveals dirt and wear and tear as though it has been worn. Yogosale reserves the right to deny the refund of goods where deemed fit.

Buyer Returns Issues When:

You have received an item of clothing that appears to be damaged from wear and tear and external factors. If your purchase is unsatisfactory, please contact us and we will address your query with the attention it deserves.

Do Free Returns Apply?

You will have to pay for the delivery of an item purchased with Yogosale. The return of items that are no longer wanted or the incorrect size or garment, we suggest you add insurance to best protect goods from getting lost or damaged.

How Long Does It Take to Issue a Refund?

We must receive your item in its original package and without any indication of being worn or damage. An assessment of quality is performed. You will receive a refund if your clothing is in its original quality. A successful refund can take up to 7 days to complete.

How We Help You

If you have any problems with the return of garments purchased from our website, place a call to our customer services. We can help you through the delivery process. All items must remain in the original condition with tags and in the packaging. Take some time to learn of our refund policy and receive your money back in no time.

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